Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic Surgery is a surgical science that performs only chest and lung surgeries. Treatment and surgery of problems caused by trauma, occupational diseases, smoking, excessive sweating, chest deformities are performed (closed and open). In addition, ozone therapy, hypnosis and sleep diseases, smoking cessation treatments and applications are carried out in Avrasya Hospital Thoracic Surgery Clinic.

In Avrasya Hospital Chest Surgery Clinic, Diagnosis Treatment and Operations of The Following Are Performed:

  • Volume-reducing surgery in the lung
  • Surgery for lung cancer (Mediastinoscopy, mediastinotomy, resections).
  • Video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS; Endoscopic thoracic surgery (ETS)).
  • Chest deformity (congenital deformity) surgeries.
  • Bullectomy surgeries.
  • Surgery for inflammatory diseases of the lung (bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, aspergillosis etc.)


If You Have The Following Symptoms, Please Consult Your Physician!

  • Injuries of the abdomen, waist, pelvis and thorax
  • Bronchial and lung malignant neoplasm
  • Breast malignant neoplasm
  • Hemothorax (Rare tumoral lesion)
  • Pneumothorax (Lung depletion)
  • Acute bronchitis
  • Benign neoplasm of intra-thoracic organs