About Us

Avrasya Hospital focuses on “patient satisfaction” and “patient rights” in all its services. It is the first private health institution to be awarded the Gold Quality Award in Consumer Friendliness. Other awards include “Health Organization of the Year” and “Brand of the Year in Health” awards received from organizations such as Consumer magazine, All Consumers Protection Association and International First Business magazine.

Our Quality Policy

Together with our principle of “Nothing Is As Important As Human Health is”; our priority is quality in service in compliance with legal conditions, patient satisfaction and efficiency of our organization.

  • Patient, employee and facility safety is a priority.
  • Aware of the fact that errors are caused by processes, not by people, we constantly review and improve our system.
  • We provide honest, quality and affordable healthcare services without ever shaking the trust of our patients and suppliers.
  • With the awareness that our employees are valuable, we support them with training and ensure that they are effective in the improvement processes.
  • We provide the working environment that our employees are proud of, and celebrate their success together.
  • We accept our doctors as our business partners, we always act together in the healing processes.
  • We follow the technological innovations, scientific and managerial developments continuously and offer them to the service of our patients.
  • We use up-to-date information, technology and methods in strategic collaborations with national and international health and education institutions.
  • We act sensitive to the health, education and environmental problems of the society and take part in supportive activities.
  • We produce and provide quality health services in line with corporate and professional ethical principles.