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Rated 98 out of 100 by the Turkish Ministry of Health Quality Assesment

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What can you expect from Avrasya Hospital Group?


Our Approach

In our hospitals, you will receive safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care, from leading doctors of Turkey, supported with kind and responsive medical staff in world class facilities.

Our Care

Guided with the principle of patient satisfaction and evidence based medicine, we are an award winning hospital group of Turkey, specialized in general surgery, oncology, cardiology and neurosurgery.

Our Services

As our international patient, you will be provided a personal coordinator to deliver personalized care throughout your visit to our hospital and you will be assisted with all aspects of your travel, stay and treatment.

Medical Services

As a Hospital Group, we cover every medical discipline even for the most complex cases with specialities in orthopedics, oncology, cardiology, neurology, surgery and urology. We offer supplementary care in the fields of prevention, pain relief, nutrition or rehabilitation. Below you can find detailed information about our most important core competencies.



In healthcare, the better the facilities and the medical equipments, the more precise the diagnoses are and the more effective the treatment is. That is why we continuously make major investments in medical devices and our hospitals infrastructure.

We welcome patients from all over the world to experience care at any of our facilities. With three hospitals across our network, you will be treated by top doctors, compassionate healthcare and innovative treatment strategies.

Our Hospitals

Avrasya Hospital Gaziosmanpaşa

Established 2016
Total Closed Area 30.500m2
Surgery Rooms 10
Consultation Rooms 80
Total Beds 250
Radiology Equipment 128 BT, 1.5 TESLA Open MR, Digital X-Ray, Mamografi, 4D USG
Avrasya Hospital Zeytinburnu


Established 1999
Total Closed Area 17.000m2
Surgery Rooms 6
Consultation Rooms 60
Total Beds 135
Radiology Equipment 128 BT, 1.5 TESLA Open MR, Digital X-Ray, Mamografi, 4D USG
Çamlık Hospital Bakırköy


Established 1992
Total Closed Area 5.000m2
Surgery Rooms 2
Consultation Rooms 24
Total Beds 45

Our Doctors


We believe, trustworthy, dedicated, reliable and respected doctors makes a huge difference in healthcare. That is why we only hire the best talent for our hospitals. Our team of doctors who treat our international patients have many years of experience and they are well qualified to meet the needs of international patients when it comes to language, flexibility and intercultural competence.

Our Awards And Recognition